Our Values

We strive to live our lives by the beliefs of Charity, Truth and Loving Kindness along with certain core values as listed below:

Friendship: With Chapters in most of the 50 states and 27 countries around the world, members can go anywhere and know that they will find friends and a helping hand when thy are in need.

Community Service: We encourage our members not only to help one another, but also to reach out to their communities. Members are active in many community based projects for those requiring assistance.

Diversity: The members of our Order reflect the social,
cultural, educational, ethnic & religious diversity of the
community around them. We value each others strengths and opinions.

Patriotism: Members are taught an allegiance to preserve the good of their country and to be good citizens. Fundraising for the Wounded Warrior Program and the Honor Flight Network are examples of our patriotism.

Charity: We raise funds for a variety of Charities that improve the well being of all humankind. We also fund and operate a Nursing Home and Independent and Assisted Living facility in Oriskany, N.Y.